31 Jan 2008

But Mommy said I was a TIGER!

For this LO I used the latest kit from Cen's loft. "Go Wild" Are these jungle characters cute or what!! I decided my cat Buster and my son's kitten Tammy who IS a little tiger, would be ideal for this lo. My word-art bubbles say exactly what these two would, (if they could speak). Thanks to June for the use of her kit.  

Cafe' Adore Alpha upper case

Here is the upper case part of  'Cafe' Adore Alpha'  which I promised. It took me ages but I think it was worth the effort. Hope you enjoy using it, and drop over to Cen's Loft to find the 'Coffee Time' mini kit (see it in the LO further down.)


30 Jan 2008

Here is the link to the alpha below, I know, I know, it should be underneath!!! One day I'll do it! YES! YES! YES! it works! I will be posting the uppercase tomorrow, it might be upside down but leave me a hug, i'm exhausted. 

Download here.

Sorry no longer available

Irish Rhubarb & Raspberry Pie, also delicious with Blackberries

24 Jan 2008

BLINKY ON the Brain

Anyone remember these two characters from the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" ?
I spent so long agonising over making  my own 'Blinkey" that my hubby now calls me                "BLINKY ON the Brain" 

How's that for support!   

23 Jan 2008

Help yourself to My NEW BLINKIE

Copy and Paste the code
<a href="http://glo-gabrielle.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii301/gabglo/Gabrielles-Blog.gif"/></a>

TWO Layouts

First lo shows photographic memories of a trip to S.A. The giraffes were so beautiful and we were surprised to see birds hitching a ride on thier long necks. The giraffes didn't seem to mind though as the birds were getting rid of annoying ticks!
Second lo is of new baby Lilly Ava, grand-daughter to June of Cen's Loft, isn't she a darling.

Giraffes, S.A.

Welcome Lilly Ava

17 Jan 2008

Thankyou to Fran at IMAGINE

I think you will be the first to see this Fran, I couldn't have made it this far without you.
You are in my own word, FRANTASTIC. 
Please visit Fran's site to see a true artist at work.                                      http://imaginebyfran.blogspot.com/

16 Jan 2008