29 Oct 2008

Here is my Freebie 'Halloween Word Art'

 These wobbly words look great with the Halloween theme so I hope you can use them to decorate other pages you have. The background here is not included.
October '09 - I am re-issueing this Halloween Word Art and I have already done the same with my 4 halloween QP's. The new code is below. Have fun with the little ones and take lots of pictures, these are the precious years in their lives we love to look back on, how easily they laugh and play (The EGO has not descended on them yet LOL)
I'd love to see what you do with the QP's and this Word Art or Wobbly Words as I call them.

http://www.4shared.com/file/127831684/9c6a20db/GLO_HALLOWEEN_WORD_ART.html LINK EXPIRED

27 Oct 2008

I'm Back! We've been doing a bit of travelling, seeing places we haven't been for a while. Some - like Donegal, never disappoint while others like Malta have changed beyond recognition. My once favourite, and quiet little fishing harbours are now chocked full of modern high-rise hotels and tourists. From a very beautiful small island Malta has changed into one of the most highly populated places in Europe. So different from my memories of the summers I spent there. Who could think this is progress. Fortunately the Maltese people are still as friendly as I remember and when away from the 'tourist' places it was possible to find a hint of times past.