30 Jul 2008

Hi , well, the storm clouds are back so I think it's official. The "Summer" is over. How many days did you have? I think we had two, maybe three it's hard to say as I think only a 'full' day counts.
As you will see I have removed the links to a lot of my older stuff.  I will be leaving new freebie links active for a week or two only, but I think that's plenty of time for you to get them.  

Right! Where were we, oh yes, as I've been too busy to post anything since last week I am posting part three of my 'Woodshop" tags, with the words, JOY and LOVE. (Keep repeating after me, Joy and Love, Joy and Love...... I hope you enjoy using them. Please leave a ty I need it. Download here:


23 Jul 2008

My latest freebie is a new quick Page which I named "HOT SUMMER NIGHTS"

I had great fun doing the 'steamy' cloud effect on the frames and I have put lines there as well so you can add some journaling - like names and dates etc. I think these nice cool shades would look great with summer wedding pics, so I hope you enjoy the Qp, as well as the sunshine (fingers crossed) if it lasts.
Oh by the way, just in case you missed it, I heard the other day that we might not be getting the protection we thought we were from sun creams. Apparently the brainy ones who decide how effective the creams will be, assumed that we would be lathering the stuff on with a brush! They assumed about four times more than the average person uses! It's all about selling more product really, but if you want to be protected properly you will need to grease yourself as if you were diving in to swim the English  channel, Oh it's sure to be a very slippery summer. Wax dummies lying about everywhere Yuk!

19 Jul 2008

Is it a Month  by J.M.Synge

This is a layout I thought the 'romantics' among  you might like. It is based on a beautiful love poem "Is it a month" by renowned Irish writer, and poet, J.M.Synge (pronounced 'sing') who lived 1891-1909
I used my own 'Folded' paper for the poem to accentuate the era it was written in, and overlaid it on to a tree background using 80 opacity. Then I used dark blue colour masks opacity 6 at the top and graduating to opacity 3 towards the bottom. As the words "wet and windy hedge" are in the poem I aimed for an overall wintery effect as well as trying to keep the aged feel of the poem, finally for effect I added stars . Take a few minutes, click the preview and enjoy this wonderful old poem.
"And stars grew wilder, growing wise In the splendour of your eyes"  

17 Jul 2008

FAITH & HOPE Woodshop Tags

This is the second pair of tags from my 'Woodshop' series. I have done 10 in all, to cover most occasions.
The metal words on these as you can see in the preview, are "Faith" and "Hope", two words which I hear everywhere today but not in the context we would like I'm sure. How could anyone have faith in bankers, Insurers, and worst of all politicians. No, "Faith" is not what comes to mind when I think of those.
"Hope", well I hope you enjoy using these and adding more to the set when I publish the next two. I think it might be "JOY and "LOVE" LoL. We could certainly do with a very large helping of both in these troubled times. Enjoy your freebie, Peace&Hope  and don't forget your TYFS when you download.
sorry link expired

12 Jul 2008

TWINS!!!. I want to thank the girls who gave me these awards, Kim from "Kim's Scrappin" and Jessica from Scrapaholic designs. They both said very nice things about me on their blogs (which I'm not sure I deserve) but I am very grateful to both of them for this - Hm! Now I will have to find five or six unsuspecting victims (sorry, recipients) to pass them on to. I was going to name Fran but I see she has one as well, how did I get two ? Is there anyone out there who has not been awarded something, or tagged a million times!!!??? 
Anyone want an award, It's a lovely little thing and a credit to whoever designed it, (you don't want it back by any chance do you)  Oh s*** June from cens loft has one as well, in fact everyone I know has one! 
 Anyway, I am passing on this COOL award to five beautiful people and these are the rules :
                                  1. Winner can put award on their blog.
                                  2. Link to the person who gave you the award.
                                  3. Nominate 5 more blogs you think deserve the award.
                                  4. Put links to those blogs on your site
                                  5. leave a message on the blogs you nominate.

Number One on my list is Fran, because she really deserves an award for her sweet temper!! and her ability to cope with pirates!  As you all know I adore Fran's work, she has the most wonderful imagination and her freebie kits inspired by nature are - Frantastic !
Next up is June from Cens Loft who is tripping over awards, but I know she will graciously accept this one too! June is just the nicest, most helpful woman in digiland. Hugs June.
Next is the lovely Linda  who makes the most gorgeous brag book pages and let's off steam to me in mutual ranting emails Lol. 
Give it up for lizandherbabes who has three adorable kids aaaaaand a hunk of a hubby, she is an inspiration to me with an amazing ability to cram so much into her young life.
KRISG-JUST ME is getting this award too, well I love her taste in music and cats! she also does beautiful lo's and sends me really funny emails. You make me smile Kris!
My final  award goes to.....dnadryad, who gives great freebies and never gets grumpy - just like me!
WOW that wasn't so bad, but I will now go into hiding before the posse catches up with me.

10 Jul 2008

Woodshop Tags "CHERISH & HOPE"

These are the first two tags from my new set. They are layered wood with brushed metal word embellishments. I used words which I know are meaningful to many of us so these will be lovely on LO's and cards etc. I'll be adding more freebies from my  "Woodshop" collection soon, just keep checking back if you want to get the lot. Hope you enjoy using them and as always I would love to see what you do with them. Oh, and don't forget to leave a tyfs when you download, Sorry link expired

2 Jul 2008

My "CLASSIC WEDDING Alpha" Lowercase

To every one who left comments and thanks for my Classic Alpha and for everyone who emailed me asking for the lower case, here it is. I love the soft glitter and the cream shades which are so popular for weddings. I'm already started on my son's wedding album and I've also used it on First Communion and Baptism LO's for friends. Enjoy using the full alpha,  There is shadow on the uppercase letters, however there is none on the lower case letters as I think it is better to lay out the word, group or merge and then add shadow. Download:
SORRY link expired