7 Nov 2009

                                                                     NEW FREEBIE QP 'Student days'

Here is my latest freebie gift to you. The papers are from a school-days kit I have been working on recently.  I was making something entirely different when my mind began to wander - a regular occurrence these days LOL - anyway, what I was making at the time was a photo layout for one of my friends so she could scrap - not literally - her not so little boy. He's past that stage now, not a baby or a toddler but a real BOY and you will all know what that means, the beginning  of a mother's grey hair and wrinkles! However many smiles they bring to your face there are just as many   heart stopping moments (boys tend to experiment, they have an inner urge to know how 'things' work) Things including electric stuff & pyrotechnics. For any reader who is blissfully unaware, "Pyrotechnics is the science of materials capable of undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound."
How do I know all that you think. Simple, I learned it from the Friendly insurance guy who came to tell me I couldn't claim for my scorched/burned/melted kitchen flooring. I tried to tell him it was an accident, he wouldn't hear of it. I stood my 8 year old blond/blue eyed (angel) in front of him and pointed to the melting plastic airplanes which were dangling on strings from the kitchen ceiling. Did he really think this child would deliberately try to burn the house down? 
Well, yes he did, in a sort of a way, He said I could only claim for accidental damage, so technically, by lighting a plastic airplane with SAFETY???? matches my little demon had intended arson! Aaaagh!!
That was a long time ago, the first of my grey hairs and of many failed experiments multiplied by three! But my boys, well I wouldn't have changed them for the world. Oh and by the way, the blond/blue eyed angel, having been steered in the right direction (anywhere that didn't involve matches) is now a successful architect who never forgets mother's day. Love ya Gary. Now what was I saying....... Oh yes, the new freebie, for your young (or once upon a time young) scientists/students. I hope you have lots of wonderful memories when choosing your pics. http://www.4shared.com/file/147989594/38606c1f/GLO_Student_days_QP.html