26 May 2008


It seems like ages since I posted but I hope you will like this QP. I had no broadband connection due to cable faults? and no emails in or out but I was amazed that after a few days of checking the mailbox, I just fell back into my real life and caught up on so much stuff I had neglected like writing and music. I also designed papers and kits of which 'Mother's Dress' is a part. The dress paper reminds me of how my Grandfather who was a fantastic dancer, used to waltz my mother around the room, her dress swirling just like the paper shows. You might have an aunt or someone who took the mother's role in your life, I would love to see what you do with this QP, but enjoy it and as always, cherish 'Mother'.
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9 May 2008

Sisters and Timeless

This layout of my granny Magdalen and her sister Mary is done with my new "Timeless" kit. I am so pleased at how the kit turned out as I wanted to get this soft but not overpowering look for the old pictures. I resized the 'Journal card ' to frame the pictures and I haven't cleaned up the pics either as I think some of the charm is lost when the 'age' is removed.
                  The history here is that the picture was taken shortly before their mother died of consumption, and as their father was also deceased, the girls along with their brother Hugh were brought up by their maternal grandmother Cassie. Mary emigrated to Canada as a young bride, while Hugh and Magdalen remained in Derry. They all married happily and have left a legacy of love and family commitment.

8 May 2008

"TIMELESS" kit Freebie

In this new kit "TIMELESS" I used colours which remind me of my Mother. I hope I captured the feel of the 1940's and that you enjoy using it.
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