27 Dec 2010

This is my latest Freebie "CHRISTMAS MAGIC"

                                   It will arrive in a little box!
                                       here is the link: "CHRISTMAS MAGIC" by Gabrielle
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26 Dec 2010

Hope you had a wonderful  Christmas, next up is the New Year Celebrations  - before that happens here is  some more interactive holiday magic. 

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11 Dec 2010

Here is the new Christmas Candle Cluster FREEBIE I promised. Enjoy your download and see you soon

                                   Download here: Freebie Candle Cluster  paper not included

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9 Dec 2010

7 Dec 2010

Hi Everyone, it's been a while but here is a preview of my Christmas Freebie. I will be giving a selection of these candles over the next few days as well as a special cluster to end with. All are PNG files at 300 dpi. Starts tomorrow so see you then...Gabrielle

Well its tomorrow and I decided to give you all 17 candles today, but I have split them into three to make your downloads faster. Hope you enjoy using them in your Christmas LOs. I have a very special cluster for you in a day or two as well so don't forget to check it out, See you , Gabrielle
Free Candles set 1
Free Candle set 2
Free Candle set 3                    SORRY ALL 3 Links Expired

29 Sep 2010

PRETTY WITCH scaredy cat MINI KIT Freebie

This is my latest FREEBIE which I named 'PRETTY WITCH' mini kit. It's a Halloween kit with a difference as I am bored to death with the usual old hags with black hats and ferocious cats. This is a PRETTY kit with soft shades of the traditional colours. I do hope you like it as it took me aaaaaaages to complete. Contents are: Two 12x12 papers, one with a word-art border. A very sweet cluster frame, 4 very cute brads, a Kitty tag,  A pretty witch hat tag, and a Halloween  black cat word art. As I said, no scary cats, here you will find a glitter cat and a scaredy cat. Download below.
"PRETTY WITCH" Mini KIT by Gabrielle    SORRY Link Expired

14 Aug 2010

FREEBIE - Lullaby Flutterbys

These are some sweet little elements I made and decided to give as a freebie. As you can see from this new preview I made them in several different textures and colours with pearl body. They're quite big so you can resize to suit your page. Enjoy and you can thank me or not, life's too short and I enjoy giving.
Link: FREE by G.. Lullaby Flutterbys         SORRY Link Expired

4 Jun 2010

"Mother" Stacked Parchment QP Freebie

I haven't been to my computer in what seems like ages. Unfortunately my heart decided to act up and sent my blood pressure soaring, to at one point 206/109 !! Thankfully due to my hubby and my very good new young doctor from South Africa, the medication is kicking in and I feel more normal (is that good you ask)
The wonderful Fran (Imagine)  reminded me about Mother's Day so I took this opportunity of uploading this "Mother" QP which I had been working on a couple of weeks ago. Hope you like it, I tried to recreate ' parchment ' paper which I love working on in the real world LOL. The colours remind me of my own Mother and Grandmother as they loved soft shades. I hope to see some of your handiwork and especially some thank you's LOL. especially for bumpkinpm here is the link
Mother's Day Stacked parchment QP by Gabrielle         SORRY Link Expired

26 Apr 2010

Here is a lo using my Grungy Stamped frame sent to me by the frantastic FRAN I love the way she added the ribbon and brad. And the Lavateria pic. is beautiful
Next is a lo I did of my son Gary's fiancee Emilia, I used the same frame but re-coloured it to match her dress, the text tells the story!

19 Apr 2010

Grungy Stamped Frame FREEBIE

Another new freebie frame. This one is grungy but pretty as well. I love it. The colour looks lovely with old black & white pics so look in your dusty old drawers, see something that takes your fancy and frame it!!!  Fran sent me a beautiful LO of her little grand-daughter with the previous stamped frame. I love to see how others use my stuff so if you did something nice with the last one or with this, send it. There is no dropped shadow on the png file but on the preview here I used a shadow with a very low opacity - about 25% - just enough to lift it off the page but not to take the stamped effect away. Enjoy!
Download: Grungy Stamped Frame by Gabrielle
P.S. thank you all for leaving comments on the last freebie, I was very touched and heartened by what you said. So there are nice, appreciative souls out there, I knew it!        SORRY Link Expired

31 Mar 2010

Stamped Frame Freebie

This is a 'Stamped Frame' I made today. I decided to share it with you as it looked so nice on a page I'm working on for my aunt. I made a new preview page too and a new TOU as well!
I don't know why, as over the weekend I had some serious thinking to do about whether I would continue to give freebies at all. The jury, as they say, is out - for the moment anyway.
Maybe I live in cookoo land, but I try to live by the ethics I was taught as a child. It's simple.. when someone is kind enough to give you something, then you should return the kindness by saying thank you. No Big Deal. As I have written before I was a serial 'Mopper Upper' of freebies in a past life, however, no matter how small the item was I always left a thank you. For some time now I have noticed the thank you's on my download page almost dwindle away to nothing which is so demoralising when so much time is spent making a freebie. Anyway... I hope you enjoy this little frame, it's handier than a brush as you can rotate it to fit your picture without having to stamp on a separate layer. Download below
GLO 'stamped frame' by Gabrielle    Sorry Link Expired

26 Mar 2010

Battersea Dog&Cats Home/Commemorative stamps

"Don't need to say another thing"

25 Mar 2010

This is my latest freebie gift to you, hope you like them. The ribbons are sheer (see through) and the little clouds are also see through. I love the way they look overlapping background papers and other elements. Also you can sit them on the edge of a picture or over text to get a nice faded effect. Anyway, if you download I hope some of you will leave a comment, I see Fran noticed that too! it's a good thing that I enjoy sitting at the computer for hours making stuff to give as freebies or I might get grumpy and you don't want that now, do you, LOL. (but never mind, my hubby loves my work & he says the nicest thank you's!)        Heaven Sent Tags Download GLO_Heaven_Sent_Tags_FREEBIE
    SORRY Link Expired  

17 Mar 2010

Button Up baby QP Freebie

This is the second QP as promised, it will make a nice double page layout along with the previous page. The bent frames give a 'blowing in the wind' look which is what I wanted for the winter pictures. The words running around the frames are "baby it's cold outside" and "All buttoned up" Again, expressions we tend to use when getting the little ones ready for the outdoors in cold weather.
While I was making these pages I decided to make some complimentary 'word art' in the form of dangles. I thought they looked nice pinned on to a little piece of the striped 'cloth' I made for the sidebar on this page. I hope you like what I've done and I would like to thank the few who continue to support me and leave nice comments. I have been living in a different world in the last 18 months since my hubby became ill and so, I have only occasionally blogged and posted freebies. Some days I think it's not worth the effort, then I get a nice comment from Fran, Bridie, Paddy's Girl etc, that makes me smile and forget my problems. TY girls. Downloads below wordart preview.

                                          SORRY Links Expired

10 Mar 2010


Hope you like this new QP Freebie, geared towards the boys. I was hoping to be using nice spring colours by now but Brrr it sure is cold - which is how I got  the title for this "Brrr.." QP. As anyone who knows me knows - I love boys, (had three of my own) and any excuse to try my new QPs with my boys photos is a winner for me. I made the little heart buttons first and then used the colours to design the paper. I have another similar page coming up which will compliment this one, so enjoy your freebie and I hope to see you back in a day or two.
Oh, and please don't forget the TY, it makes it all worthwhile

No sign of warmer weather so far although my little willow trees have been brave enough to put out a few catkins. For me it's always the first sign of Spring along with the snowdrops and the daffodils. A lot of my plants and trees were really battered by the storms this winter, the sea winds were so strong a few weeks ago that during the night a beautiful Oleria tree was lifted right out of the ground. It flattened bushes & plants where it fell and our garden birds lost their feeding table too. The tree was beyond saving so we sawed it into logs for the fire, though I don't know if I have the heart to burn it. It was a tiny cutting about ten years ago, then gradually a little bush and finally a beautiful 20ft evergreen tree. A great haven for birds and occasionally our wayward cat Buster!! don't ask.
Download: "Brrr"_QP_by_Gabrielle      SORRY Link EXPIRED

9 Feb 2010

Valentine's Day QP FREEBIE

Hi Everyone, it's been a long time. This is my new freebie "Beautiful Music QP" -  to celebrate the upcoming St. Valentine's Day. (For anyone who didn't know it was almost upon us LOL)
This QP took quite a lot of work, and I learned some new tricks while I was doing it. Hope you like the result & I do hope you get some good pictures and use it. And... it would be lovely to see your pages too.

I saw a bit of blue sky yesterday, all I can say is THANK-YOU to Whoever turns the lights on in the sky. I absolutely DETEST winter. The dark days and nights, the cold, the rain, the fog & the frost (not the snow though, at least it can turn ugliness into beauty) The sight of it brings back such happy childhood memories of unforgettable snowy winters and the sled my great uncle Hugh made for me. aaaah! sweet memories.
DownloadBeautiful_Music_QP_by_Gabrielle.html    SORRY Link EXPIRED