4 Jun 2010

"Mother" Stacked Parchment QP Freebie

I haven't been to my computer in what seems like ages. Unfortunately my heart decided to act up and sent my blood pressure soaring, to at one point 206/109 !! Thankfully due to my hubby and my very good new young doctor from South Africa, the medication is kicking in and I feel more normal (is that good you ask)
The wonderful Fran (Imagine)  reminded me about Mother's Day so I took this opportunity of uploading this "Mother" QP which I had been working on a couple of weeks ago. Hope you like it, I tried to recreate ' parchment ' paper which I love working on in the real world LOL. The colours remind me of my own Mother and Grandmother as they loved soft shades. I hope to see some of your handiwork and especially some thank you's LOL. especially for bumpkinpm here is the link
Mother's Day Stacked parchment QP by Gabrielle         SORRY Link Expired