8 May 2009

Send S.B.O.B. message around the world (freebie)

Hi, this is S.B.O.B. 
I decided I should be brave enough to start saying NO to the worlds gamblers being bailed out with tax payers money. It seems every week taxes are being raised from every source possible, mostly from the working class who have no voice in the corridors of power.
In my humble opinion our politicians haven't a clue about how to solve this disaster, even worse they are taking advice from 'economists' who must have been on holiday when all the world's money was sucked into a black hole in space. Where has it gone? Who has it? 
None of the professional wheelers and dealers have answered the question, but a lot of them have just slithered off into the ether. No explanations required, they have been let off with a scolding my granny would scoff at. 
Meanwhile our leaders take our children's heritage and pass it on to the same people who 'lost' the money in the first place, no doubt keeping their fingers crossed that it will work this time. More and more money is being poured into a useless system that has failed. Would all these billions not be better spent in projects that create jobs? I have only one voice but I hope some of you will agree and put S.B.O.B. on your blogs, email to friends and family etc. we can send awards and caterpillars around the globe, lets try it with S.B.O.B. I have uploaded as a jpeg for you to add to your blog or emails CODE: http://www.4shared.com/file/104103141/fc9173ae/SBOBjpg.html LINK EXPIRED