29 Sep 2010

PRETTY WITCH scaredy cat MINI KIT Freebie

This is my latest FREEBIE which I named 'PRETTY WITCH' mini kit. It's a Halloween kit with a difference as I am bored to death with the usual old hags with black hats and ferocious cats. This is a PRETTY kit with soft shades of the traditional colours. I do hope you like it as it took me aaaaaaages to complete. Contents are: Two 12x12 papers, one with a word-art border. A very sweet cluster frame, 4 very cute brads, a Kitty tag,  A pretty witch hat tag, and a Halloween  black cat word art. As I said, no scary cats, here you will find a glitter cat and a scaredy cat. Download below.
"PRETTY WITCH" Mini KIT by Gabrielle    SORRY Link Expired