30 Jun 2008

For everyone who downloaded my "Construction Alpha" and especially those who emailed me and left lovely comments, here is a little add-on which I think you will like. I have used the elements from the alpha and made them more detailed and sized so you can make them bigger without losing quality.  I have also taken the age of 'equality' on board (excuse the pun) and you might see a lady pilot in the helicopter LOL. SORRY, no longer available

27 Jun 2008

Here is some word-art for you. I took the picture while on a break to my favourite place in Ireland - Kinsale in Co. Cork. This is part of a 'walk' at the hotel we always stay in (Carlton Hotel Kinsale). I always catch my breath when I see the sun coming through the trees - hence the words. I am giving the 'Life Wordart' as a freebie and the LO is in the folder also. I think it would make a really beautiful and relaxing desktop or screen saver. Sorry no longer available

26 Jun 2008

Sticking with alphas, here is my new FREEBIE. I called it "Classic Wedding" alpha. Made in soft white, it has toned cream outlines and a soft glitter. I used a little rose and leaves to embellish. Enjoy and don't forget the tyvm.
NOTE- I added the & sign as it is so handy when using initials on invitations etc. Download: Sorry no longer available 

20 Jun 2008

Here is the boy's alpha made to match Fran's Coloriages kit which I promised. I decided to add texture to 'rough' it up a little and the train, helicopter and truck along with the other embellishments were designed to add to the theme. I named this one "CONSTRUCTION" for obvious reasons, though as a mother of three 'boys' it was a toss up with de-construction! LOL, - Boys will be boys! Hope you like this one. Fran has her elements ready too and she has a really bad cold so drop by and leave her a hug. Enjoy your alpha and don't forget the tyfs!! Download: Sorry no longer available

19 Jun 2008

This is an add-on to my 'CLARA" kit. I called it "ALWAYS" The wonderful Fran did a LO with her sweet little grand daughter using the Clara kit and I am basing this QP on that. I just love the delicate look of these papers and elements and I think they would also be great in wedding LO's.
Also, if you liked my 'Summer Flowers' Alpha below then you will love the boys version I promised. I will have it up by the weekend. Enjoy your 'Always' QP download and don't forget that tyvm LOL.  Download: Sorry no longer available   

17 Jun 2008

This is the preview of my new freebie. 
"SUMMER FLOWERS ALPHA' (the girly version). I used Fran's wonderful Coloriages paper and then added outlines, bevels, shadows, blurs, flower elements and finally 'BLING'. WOW so much work and 26 times over. Am I mad you ask ? Well, just a little but I'm already working on the boys version. I love boys - as you know LOL. Hope you enjoy this and don't forget to leave a comment when you download. Thanks to all the regulars who keep me going. To scrap art studio who said they had no 'e; in the download,  it is there, I re-loaded the code to make sure try downloading again. SORRY, Link expired

16 Jun 2008

Here is my new freebie kit, "CLARA"

It is inspired by the most gorgeous little girl who is my friend's grand daughter. The colours are soft and very pretty, like silk, some with stripes and all have borders and lace detail. I also put some very detailed work into the frames, ribbons, tag and brads which I hope you will enjoy using. Please don't forget to leave a tyvm when you download, the new 4shared system is very odd, but you can leave a comment before you hit the download button, I know a lot of designers who say they are not getting as many thank you's as before so try to take a little time, it makes the effort of making and giving FREEBIES worthwhile. Have a lovely week, I'm still waiting on the Spring never mind the Summer, but I hope the sun shines wherever you are. Over and out!! Download below. SORRY, Link expired

Kim has sent me the preview to the charity kit "Small Miracles" it is HUGE, released today and the contents include : from 22 files, 106 papers, 185 elements, 1 alpha, 1 12x12 QP, 2 word art, and 6 4x6 QP's. It is for a very good cause and you can get it here. http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/

11 Jun 2008

"Small Miracles"

This is part of my contribution to the "Small Miracles" collab kit,

I also made the Qp below.  The MEGA kit will be released on JUNE 16th from  http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/ All of the information about the kit will be there. I am very happy to help Kim of Kim's Scrappin who's poor daughter lost everything when her house burned down recently. As she and her husband have five children this has been a terrible time for them. Hopefully this "Small Miracles" project will help in some little way. Kim chose the six colours which I (tried) to stick to and I'm happy at the way the kit came together. Do support 'Small Miracles' if you can.
The Sun WILL come out,

A QP that is part of my contribution to "Small Miracles" a mega kit which will be released on 16th June from  http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/ You can get all the details there.

7 Jun 2008


In honour of all the wonderful fathers out there, I made this QP for 'Father's Day'. The colours are denim based so should be suitable for just about any dad, young - or like me! lol. I'm chuffed with my 'Cool' ball, I thought of adding another but for the sake of modesty (WHAT!!) I thought one would do it. If you look at the text border it is made up of 'Father' in as many different languages as I could fit, hopefully I covered most. I'd love to see what you do with this as there is plenty of scope for pictures, especially  those that are not great overall, but show dad's hands or his favourite slippers, little things mean a lot! as the old song goes.  Enjoy.
SORRY, Link expired 

5 Jun 2008

new Freebie "OLD WOOD" QP

My latest Freebie "Old Wood QP"

Hi, late again, but I hope this new quick page makes up for it. This is my first serious doodle! YES! but it took me nearly a whole day getting it right so I hope all my effort was worthwhile.
As to my delay in posting - blame the sun and the visitors, and the fact I live beside the beach! Besides the beautiful view of the sand and sea we get to see the most mind boggling sights when the sun comes out. I thought I was seeing things on Sunday when what looked like two big red lobsters waddled into the water, not so, just two idiots burned to a crisp!
Obviously someone told them the salt water would cool them down. (probably nearly froze them to death) LOL (sorry) but I have no patience for twits. Do they never see or read the ads for protective sun creams!  Anyway, that's my gripe for the week, sunbathe safely!
I hope you all had a lovely sunny week and hopefully the summer will stay for a while. Take care and if you like the freebie, your comments will be welcome.
Download here: SORRY, Link expired