15 Jun 2009

Buster aka Garfield "Don't leave me"

Took this pic a few days ago, 
we rescued this big furry monster a couple of years ago when he was a cute purring little angel. He hates me to go out in the car without him so the other day when I distracted him and leapt into the car, I thought it would be a simple get-a-way! Not a chance, he launched himself on to the bonnet and then spread himself over the windscreen - (a considerable spread as you can see) 
I started the engine -  he tried the big shrek eyes and the the roll onto his back. I reversed a bit - he licked the windscreen!!! 
What can you do ? this guy rides around the fields with local farmers and sits on top of the trailers with the workers. He knows no fear (apart from when we brought him to the vet to curtail his oats farming if you know what I mean). 
I let him in, he sat on the front passenger seat and purred away to the radio. 
Buster aka Garfield.

8 Jun 2009

This is a new QP freebie for Father's Day.
I thought of the old song "Thank heaven for little girls" and realised a lot of little girls (and boys) should 'thank heaven' for their dads every day. This is my tribute to those fathers who get a little forgotten sometimes! Enjoy and please send me a copy, I would love to see what you do.
http://www.4shared.com/file/110580719/a01f1df/GLO_Fathers_who_QP_freebie.html                                   LINK EXPIRED