12 Sep 2008

This is my new freebie "GLO China Frames".
There are five frames which I hope you will like.
The colours are lovely and soft so I think you'll find lots of uses for them.
I've used my dog 'Chew' in one of them to show what they will look like. To make it handy for you I also added backgrounds to match each colour, so all you have to do is put your pic on the background and place the frame on top.
Easy peasy! It will look like there is glass in the frame!
Don't you just love my beautiful old friend. His official name was 'Glen-Valley Wagtail' but he was renamed 'Chew" after he ate the fingers out of my Mother's expensive kid leather gloves! Unfortunately he is no longer with us but he left so many happy memories behind. I so hope there is a heaven for pets. Download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/138562313/892e8fed/GLO_China_Frames.html LINK EXPIRED
HI, long time no see!! Unfortunately I was as they say 'under the weather'. I should have recognised that things were not right when I could feel my heart trying to beat it's way out of my chest! STRESS! 
and Oh I was SOOOO GRUMPY! for which I apologise. Anyway, enough about me..... 

I had an email from the lovely Silvia who wants me to help GOGGA on his round the world trip. It all started with a little girl named Lyndie and a geography lesson. We have to see how far we can get GOGGA around the world (I suspect he will be dizzy before very long and will rival the CERN project for speed and rotation.) Apparently he is a chawcha/bug, I think he might be known as a caterpiller on this side of the world as he looks remarkably like the fella who was chewing my poor little willow tree (which is now almost bare of leaves). It's a good thing this Gogga is digital or I might consider dropping  him on the bird table. Oh there I go again, but if you could see my tree!! sniff sniff.
I'm sending this to June which will take Gogga to England and then to KrisG in Chicago Ill. USA . I might have a little baileys to toast him on his way LOL.