12 Sep 2008

HI, long time no see!! Unfortunately I was as they say 'under the weather'. I should have recognised that things were not right when I could feel my heart trying to beat it's way out of my chest! STRESS! 
and Oh I was SOOOO GRUMPY! for which I apologise. Anyway, enough about me..... 

I had an email from the lovely Silvia who wants me to help GOGGA on his round the world trip. It all started with a little girl named Lyndie and a geography lesson. We have to see how far we can get GOGGA around the world (I suspect he will be dizzy before very long and will rival the CERN project for speed and rotation.) Apparently he is a chawcha/bug, I think he might be known as a caterpiller on this side of the world as he looks remarkably like the fella who was chewing my poor little willow tree (which is now almost bare of leaves). It's a good thing this Gogga is digital or I might consider dropping  him on the bird table. Oh there I go again, but if you could see my tree!! sniff sniff.
I'm sending this to June which will take Gogga to England and then to KrisG in Chicago Ill. USA . I might have a little baileys to toast him on his way LOL. 


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Hi Gabrielle GOGGA arrived safely and I have him here in England...I will send him on his way on Saturday...hummm...just need to decide where to send him too next!!
Glad you are feeling better now...stress is a bad one!!

KrisG said...

Woohoo!!!! I got a BUG!!! LOL. Thank you... and I'm soooo sorry I haven't answered earlier. Things have been hectic to say the least. My younger son had a baby boy in July.... only a pound and JUST got home last week. Needless to say, Grandma (ME) got to babysit all the other grandkids so everyone could spend time at the hospital. Now I just need to catch up on all that I missed... which looks like a LOT! Anyway, I think I'll be sending Gogga to Canada and England... and maybe California, LOL. This little guy is really getting around isn't he? HUGS to you and I promise to visit more often now that autumn is here and I have no grandbabies to watch.