21 Oct 2009


Here are some metal BOYZONE nameplates I had ready to give as a freebie. They are part of a series I have ready for the next few weeks. As a long time fan of the band (OK OK I know I'm OLD but I'm still alive LOL  Ahem! ) anyway, I was delighted when they reformed and was looking forward to seeing them in concert again. Words can't express my sadness at the tragic death of Stephen who was the sweetest young man and I can only imagine the heartbreak his family and his "brothers" in the band are feeling. I was going to put this little gift away but I decided to go ahead with it as a small tribute from me. I know there are many fans (young and OLD) who will have lots of pictures and memories and I hope these little name plates will enhance your Boyzone LOs, of course I would love to see your finished pages and I will publish the best. My preview LO here  is not included in the freebie but
there are many many pics on the net for you to see.   download here BOYZONE 
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7 Oct 2009

The dark nights are closing in... there are green-faced witches and red eyed monsters everywhere.... Ooooh (did I mean politicians) YOU BET!! But I won't say a thing about the Lisbon Treaty.. not even mention that this country, Ireland (are we still a country) - that this State - was bullied, scared witless, bribed, and threatened by the men in suits from Europe. As one of the few countries who had a democracy, (I say had with a heavy heart) our hard won independance has been trampled into the ground with the assistance of our own spineless bunch of political nincompoops, and the sheep they led by the nose. The YES camp won, "It's Democracy" they shout, but why then, when we voted NO last year was That democracy not accepted.
Well, it wasn't the answer Europe wanted so they made us vote again. The goal of a United States of Europe has almost been attained. Global World - THE NEW WORLD ORDER ... it's well on it's way.
Talking about green faced witches and monsters these are my Halloween QPs. I'm re-issuing them as they were very popular last year and some of you sent me the cutest pics especially the wonderfully talented Fran.
I hope you get as much fun this year, I know times are difficult at the moment for all of us except the W (tut tut Gabrielle) - Bankers! lol. so I hope my little gift will make you and yours smile. There are four downloads below, enjoy and don't forget a little thank you or a big HUG.




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5 Oct 2009

Here are some new freebies for you.
I made them long so you can use them as book-marks or chic tags. They are stamped on to my linen paper and have matching gems in the flowers.
They should print out easily as they are 300 dpi. As you see in the preview there are four greetings,
"Thank You"
"Happy Birthday"
"Thinking of You" and
"Wishing You GOOD LUCK in your New Home" The background paper is not included
When I make my own bookmarks I print on to light weight card and use a toning paper cut to size stuck on the back, if you use a laminating machine they will be gorgeous & last as long as you want them to. I usually punch the hole and tie a little cord through it.
Last Christmas I made some instead of cards, as I gave books for presents I just put the bookmarks inside. My friends said they loved them so I think I'll do the same again this year. Download below, Enjoy, and don't forget the TY
http://www.4shared.com/file/137792002/dca47650/Bookmark_Tags_Freebie.html EXPIRED