9 Feb 2010

Valentine's Day QP FREEBIE

Hi Everyone, it's been a long time. This is my new freebie "Beautiful Music QP" -  to celebrate the upcoming St. Valentine's Day. (For anyone who didn't know it was almost upon us LOL)
This QP took quite a lot of work, and I learned some new tricks while I was doing it. Hope you like the result & I do hope you get some good pictures and use it. And... it would be lovely to see your pages too.

I saw a bit of blue sky yesterday, all I can say is THANK-YOU to Whoever turns the lights on in the sky. I absolutely DETEST winter. The dark days and nights, the cold, the rain, the fog & the frost (not the snow though, at least it can turn ugliness into beauty) The sight of it brings back such happy childhood memories of unforgettable snowy winters and the sled my great uncle Hugh made for me. aaaah! sweet memories.
DownloadBeautiful_Music_QP_by_Gabrielle.html    SORRY Link EXPIRED