29 Feb 2008


Sunday is Mother's day, unfortunately like every other 'special' day it is being commercialised to a degree that insults the original idea. I believe most mothers would be happy to have a visit from their children, or a card, if distance makes visiting impossible. Instead, for weeks on end we are bombarded with TV ad's, radio and newspaper ad's. Competitions to win a holiday for your mother, spa treatment, weekend in a hotel, makeover (who wants their mother made over?) Worst of all are the shop windows, displaying every bit of 'tack' that they think gullible children will buy. However, they forget it's not all about money. 
When I was 9 years old I went to the corner shop on our street with twelve pennies that I had saved. I studied everything on the shelves asking prices and adding up in my head, before I decided what to buy my mother for Mother's day. A box of Rowentrees Fruit Gums! She loved them! I had two pennies left, I asked the shopkeeper what I could get for that, adding that it was for my mother. She suggested a pack of hair clips. I agreed and the sale was made. She wrapped up my gift and put a little string bow on it. (when I got home I tied one of my hair ribbons on as well). Mothers day arrived and I couldn't wait to give my present. I hid it behind my back and crept down the stairs. My older sister was there before me, my mother was opening her present. A big box of Cadbury's Black Magic chocolates! I felt my face going red and tried to back up the stairs but I had been spotted. My sister, mother, granny and granda were waiting for me so I handed over my little box. Looking at the floor I could hear the ribbon and the string bow being opened, then the brown paper rustling as the gift was revealed. I heard my sister giggle, but when I looked up, my mother was smiling at me, she said they were the best presents she ever got. My granda had something in his eye and my granny said the clips were just what was needed and she hoped she could borrow a few. Happiness enveloped me! it was
A Mother's day I will never forget.
I am really happy with this LO. The picture is of my beautiful mother Maureen and me. I use it often. The look on her face will always 
take my breath away.

24 Feb 2008

Freebie, Mother's Day Tags

These are two tags I made for my contribution to Mother's Day. I hope you get use from them and for anyone who is lucky enough to still have their Mother with them, one word, CHERISH. 

Thank Heaven for DIGI girls

Talking with some friends and realised we had all moved from real paper to 'virtual' paper! Knowing that most of you are sitting on a fortune of unused craft supplies just like me, I did this LO and wrote lyrics to the melody of  "My Favourite Things" (Julie Andrews). If you don't know it just make up your own! But have a sing and a laugh and as I said in the song, Thank God for Mac and PC. (and Fantastic designers)

21 Feb 2008

FREEBIE - St.Patrick's Day Frames with a Heart tag

Here are some St.Patrick's day frames plus a little heart tag that I'd like to share. I know it's a few weeks away but it means you could have your lo ready in advance of the festivities - and the hangovers - Then you just have to pop in your pics and journaling. 

19 Feb 2008

The GREAT WALL of CHINA - Wonder of the World

This lo uses Fran's paper and frames from her new kit L'Ctang de jade. I wanted to keep the Asian influence so these photos taken a few years ago at the Great Wall in Beijing were just right. I added some elements with an Asian feel to bring it together. 
Credits: Paper,frames: Fran at Imagine. Font: Loved. Other elements my own.

13 Feb 2008


This is a new freebie I made for you, I only meant to do the cat but then I thought I'd do the dog (is that a dance) and then I tried the bunny and hey! it will be Easter soon, just as you finish eating the chocolate Valentine heart that your hubby buys you, you'll have to loosen your waistband and munch away on the big Easter egg! Anyway, back to the freebie, I think you'll love these tags, I've made them so you can see your background paper. As usual I think you should use shadow with them. Hope you enjoy these, When you download leave me a little TY it goes a long way! SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

12 Feb 2008

Just got a lo from Sue in Australia, (end of page) it shows her daughter Katie and partner Owen in Sidney (having a great time sipping a Guinness)! Sue used Fran's 'Love in the City Kit' and my 'Glitter City' alpha. Thanks Sue, you did a great job.
I have a 'guest' slide for any lo's you use my stuff on so don't be shy, I'd love to see them. 

10 Feb 2008

PEACE by the Sea, and a new FREEBIE!

This lo and the alpha is inspired by Fran's new kit 'Love in the City' check it out over at Imagine. My pics needed different colours so I made the journaling strip and other elements to match. The freebie alpha which I call 'Glitter City' is in soft elegant stripes. I added a little black heart for the special day that's coming up fast! How time flies - wasn't it Christmas last week? Seems like it!  Hope you like the alpha, especially you Sue, leave me a contact. 
Credits on lo.: paper,Fran, Alpha: Mail Ray, Larabie Fonts, Thanks Ray, (who is one 1/8th Irish)!

9 Feb 2008

Afra's Snow Kitten

It's AWWWW time! 
Isn't this kitten adorable. He was left in a shed by his wild mother who, once she knew he was safe, went back to the woods where she came from. It never ceases to amaze me how caring and sensible wild creatures are towards their young. Look at the snow on his head, if you know kittens you will know the fun he had on his first 'snow day'. 
For the layout I used paper/frame/flowers from 'French Provincal' by Pam Lefours who does beautifully intricate work. The swirly corner is by Amelie  Scrap. White flowers/doodles by Akaloune. Title,tag/journaling my own.     

5 Feb 2008

Valentine Loveheart Alpha

As promised, here is the full alpha to go with the Valentine Word-Art. Again try to use shadow as it does make a difference to the look on your page. Have fun and I would love to see what you do with this and the Word Art. Download here SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE

4 Feb 2008


Red Square Moscow.

I was wondering how to scrap this picture taken in RED SQUARE Moscow. Then I remembered a beautiful traditional Russian 'babushka" that I bought there. It had these wonderful colours, stylised flowers and leaves. Fran's frame used twice as a window helps pull the picture together.
I have to say thanks for all the nice comments about my word-art freebie, to Sue in Australia, glad you finally got it and yes, I agree, sons and daughters do come in handy, by the way, tomorrow I will post the full alpha to match the word-art so hope to see you all back then.

Credits: Thanks to Fran at Imagine for her paper and little flowers from CarrC Rouge kit, also her fab frame. Other bits my own.

2 Feb 2008

Loveheart button Wordart

Here is some cute glitter word-art for all you St Valentine's Day lovers out there. I made it at 3oo dpi. Try to use shadow as it really pops out then. For anyone who had problems downloading I am sorry. The problem has been fixed! What caused it? one tiny space! Luckily my son Jason is a Master of computer science and his "tip of the week" to anyone who wants to share work in  a folder is
'Avoid using spaces when naming your folder'
Thank you Jason, your Mother loves you.
(I'm hoping to get more tips as I go on learning to do digi scrapping. I'll share anything I can. it's always simple things that catch out those of us just starting out) original font: mail ray stuff, Ray Larabie

1 Feb 2008


What a beautiful baby! this is Louka, grandson of Fraisinette who kindly allowed me to scrap him. I used the spectacular ARA kit from Fran at Imagine. beautiful kit, FRANtastic designer.