24 Feb 2008

Thank Heaven for DIGI girls

Talking with some friends and realised we had all moved from real paper to 'virtual' paper! Knowing that most of you are sitting on a fortune of unused craft supplies just like me, I did this LO and wrote lyrics to the melody of  "My Favourite Things" (Julie Andrews). If you don't know it just make up your own! But have a sing and a laugh and as I said in the song, Thank God for Mac and PC. (and Fantastic designers)


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

OK, so I am singing...why am I alone? Lol! My voice was never my strong point!! But seriously it is wonderful!! I love it!! Thank you sooo much for sharing it! It is oh so true!

MaryB said...

This is JUST RIGHT! I have a mountain of un-used products. This is a great LO thanks for making me laugh.