2 Feb 2008

Here is some cute glitter word-art for all you St Valentine's Day lovers out there. I made it at 3oo dpi. Try to use shadow as it really pops out then. For anyone who had problems downloading I am sorry. The problem has been fixed! What caused it? one tiny space! Luckily my son Jason is a Master of computer science and his "tip of the week" to anyone who wants to share work in  a folder is
'Avoid using spaces when naming your folder'
Thank you Jason, your Mother loves you.
(I'm hoping to get more tips as I go on learning to do digi scrapping. I'll share anything I can. it's always simple things that catch out those of us just starting out) original font: mail ray stuff, Ray Larabie


Fran said...

Hi Gabrielle, what a great, lovely and beautiful work ! I love these. But I had a problem to open the file. A password is needed....

LindaJD said...

Hi there Gabrielle, I just popped in to measure your blog header and saw these Great Word Arts!! TYSM for sharing them, they are so useful :)
I hope you are having a good weeekend, I am finally working on my header and Blinkie, well will make me a little something :)

Cher said...

Hi Gabrielle!
Fran sent me here - and I am so glad! The layout you did of The Square using th frame as a window is genius! I, also, use babushkas and have "graduated" to NEON sticky notes! Helps to find them - again - nice to meet you - will be back! Thank you for your goodies - I love them all!
Cher in Austin, Texas