25 Sep 2009

This is a nice little mini kit I thought you would like.

It has three toning papers and nine elements. I named it "School Days" when I started it a few months ago, but the folder will say 'School Holidays Over' !!!! My oh MY doesn't time fly, and I can't believe I saw halloween stuff in the shops already.
I hope you get some use out of this kit, the colours will suit the boys (you know I love them) and they are soft enough for the girls too with the little flowers. Try the "cloudy Flower cluster" it's slightly see through, also the cute "Beautiful Dreamer butterfly" will add a splash of colour. For your little star I made the "Star Pupil" badge so all you need is a picture. Oh yes, the little 'brushy flowers' they look nice scattered over the page at random in different sizes. Don't forget to let me see what you do and if you have time please leave a comment on this page or the download, it is appreciated. Gabrielle
http://www.4shared.com/file/135352157/1985a293/SCHOOL_HOLIDAYS_OVER.html EXPIRED

22 Sep 2009

This is a new QP freebie I call Sssh.... 

Since my husband became ill last year I have spent less and less time blogging and even less time creating so this quick page has taken me quite a while. I made the kit in the spring of this year, I called it "Pretty" because of the softness, textures and colours of the papers and the elements and of course I decided it would be an ideal kit for babies - boy or girl. Download at bottom of post
About 2 years ago (it seems such long time now) I described myself as a 'mopper upper' to a friend. She hadn't a clue what I meant so I explained about digital freebies. At that time I had no knowledge of how to use Photoshop or any other digital software but I was a dab hand with scissors & glue and had a mountain of very expensive papers, sticky on things, beads, buttons ribbons... (have you time for this?)

What I mean is I did a lot of 'scrapbooking' and hand craft, it was my way to relax.
One day I looked at the pile of boxes and folders of STUFF and realised I would never live long enough to use it so looking for places I could donate my stash to I googled scrapbooking into my computer and suddenly I found a world of digital heaven... and all of it  FREE! Thats where 'Mopper Upper' came in.
For a while I downloaded every freebie in the entire world - well.. maybe not EVERY freebie but close. I was like a junkie, I think it was a reaction to all the money I spent on the real stuff. When my crazy period subsided I took time to look at some of the blogs and read them, I discovered lovely and clever people, 99% of them women and so generous with their time and talent, people like my dear friend Fran at Imagine. My very sweet June (cen's Loft) who always has time to help me, Linda at 'Linda's Lot' Kim from Kim's Scrappin Pam Lefors, Kimbsdesigns, dnadryad , kalina and so many more - these are just a very few of the wonderful, wonderfully talented women who share.
I decided to learn and be part of that experience. It has taken me a while but I hope I can go on improving and sharing with anyone who wants my work. Just one thing... (you didn't think you were going to get away without a lecture did you?) Please say THANK YOU, it's one word but shows you respect what we give. Enjoy your download and do let me see the results of your work. Over and out! Gabrielle
http://www.4shared.com/file/134534158/533ffdd7/GLO_Sssh_QP.html     LINK  EXPIRED
Ps, thanks for the comments, the counter shows 0 but more are visible and the rest are LOST