29 Oct 2008

Here is my Freebie 'Halloween Word Art'

 These wobbly words look great with the Halloween theme so I hope you can use them to decorate other pages you have. The background here is not included.
October '09 - I am re-issueing this Halloween Word Art and I have already done the same with my 4 halloween QP's. The new code is below. Have fun with the little ones and take lots of pictures, these are the precious years in their lives we love to look back on, how easily they laugh and play (The EGO has not descended on them yet LOL)
I'd love to see what you do with the QP's and this Word Art or Wobbly Words as I call them.

http://www.4shared.com/file/127831684/9c6a20db/GLO_HALLOWEEN_WORD_ART.html LINK EXPIRED

27 Oct 2008

I'm Back! We've been doing a bit of travelling, seeing places we haven't been for a while. Some - like Donegal, never disappoint while others like Malta have changed beyond recognition. My once favourite, and quiet little fishing harbours are now chocked full of modern high-rise hotels and tourists. From a very beautiful small island Malta has changed into one of the most highly populated places in Europe. So different from my memories of the summers I spent there. Who could think this is progress. Fortunately the Maltese people are still as friendly as I remember and when away from the 'tourist' places it was possible to find a hint of times past.

12 Sep 2008

This is my new freebie "GLO China Frames".
There are five frames which I hope you will like.
The colours are lovely and soft so I think you'll find lots of uses for them.
I've used my dog 'Chew' in one of them to show what they will look like. To make it handy for you I also added backgrounds to match each colour, so all you have to do is put your pic on the background and place the frame on top.
Easy peasy! It will look like there is glass in the frame!
Don't you just love my beautiful old friend. His official name was 'Glen-Valley Wagtail' but he was renamed 'Chew" after he ate the fingers out of my Mother's expensive kid leather gloves! Unfortunately he is no longer with us but he left so many happy memories behind. I so hope there is a heaven for pets. Download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/138562313/892e8fed/GLO_China_Frames.html LINK EXPIRED
HI, long time no see!! Unfortunately I was as they say 'under the weather'. I should have recognised that things were not right when I could feel my heart trying to beat it's way out of my chest! STRESS! 
and Oh I was SOOOO GRUMPY! for which I apologise. Anyway, enough about me..... 

I had an email from the lovely Silvia who wants me to help GOGGA on his round the world trip. It all started with a little girl named Lyndie and a geography lesson. We have to see how far we can get GOGGA around the world (I suspect he will be dizzy before very long and will rival the CERN project for speed and rotation.) Apparently he is a chawcha/bug, I think he might be known as a caterpiller on this side of the world as he looks remarkably like the fella who was chewing my poor little willow tree (which is now almost bare of leaves). It's a good thing this Gogga is digital or I might consider dropping  him on the bird table. Oh there I go again, but if you could see my tree!! sniff sniff.
I'm sending this to June which will take Gogga to England and then to KrisG in Chicago Ill. USA . I might have a little baileys to toast him on his way LOL. 

30 Jul 2008

Hi , well, the storm clouds are back so I think it's official. The "Summer" is over. How many days did you have? I think we had two, maybe three it's hard to say as I think only a 'full' day counts.
As you will see I have removed the links to a lot of my older stuff.  I will be leaving new freebie links active for a week or two only, but I think that's plenty of time for you to get them.  

Right! Where were we, oh yes, as I've been too busy to post anything since last week I am posting part three of my 'Woodshop" tags, with the words, JOY and LOVE. (Keep repeating after me, Joy and Love, Joy and Love...... I hope you enjoy using them. Please leave a ty I need it. Download here:


23 Jul 2008

My latest freebie is a new quick Page which I named "HOT SUMMER NIGHTS"

I had great fun doing the 'steamy' cloud effect on the frames and I have put lines there as well so you can add some journaling - like names and dates etc. I think these nice cool shades would look great with summer wedding pics, so I hope you enjoy the Qp, as well as the sunshine (fingers crossed) if it lasts.
Oh by the way, just in case you missed it, I heard the other day that we might not be getting the protection we thought we were from sun creams. Apparently the brainy ones who decide how effective the creams will be, assumed that we would be lathering the stuff on with a brush! They assumed about four times more than the average person uses! It's all about selling more product really, but if you want to be protected properly you will need to grease yourself as if you were diving in to swim the English  channel, Oh it's sure to be a very slippery summer. Wax dummies lying about everywhere Yuk!

19 Jul 2008

Is it a Month  by J.M.Synge

This is a layout I thought the 'romantics' among  you might like. It is based on a beautiful love poem "Is it a month" by renowned Irish writer, and poet, J.M.Synge (pronounced 'sing') who lived 1891-1909
I used my own 'Folded' paper for the poem to accentuate the era it was written in, and overlaid it on to a tree background using 80 opacity. Then I used dark blue colour masks opacity 6 at the top and graduating to opacity 3 towards the bottom. As the words "wet and windy hedge" are in the poem I aimed for an overall wintery effect as well as trying to keep the aged feel of the poem, finally for effect I added stars . Take a few minutes, click the preview and enjoy this wonderful old poem.
"And stars grew wilder, growing wise In the splendour of your eyes"  

17 Jul 2008

FAITH & HOPE Woodshop Tags

This is the second pair of tags from my 'Woodshop' series. I have done 10 in all, to cover most occasions.
The metal words on these as you can see in the preview, are "Faith" and "Hope", two words which I hear everywhere today but not in the context we would like I'm sure. How could anyone have faith in bankers, Insurers, and worst of all politicians. No, "Faith" is not what comes to mind when I think of those.
"Hope", well I hope you enjoy using these and adding more to the set when I publish the next two. I think it might be "JOY and "LOVE" LoL. We could certainly do with a very large helping of both in these troubled times. Enjoy your freebie, Peace&Hope  and don't forget your TYFS when you download.
sorry link expired

12 Jul 2008

TWINS!!!. I want to thank the girls who gave me these awards, Kim from "Kim's Scrappin" and Jessica from Scrapaholic designs. They both said very nice things about me on their blogs (which I'm not sure I deserve) but I am very grateful to both of them for this - Hm! Now I will have to find five or six unsuspecting victims (sorry, recipients) to pass them on to. I was going to name Fran but I see she has one as well, how did I get two ? Is there anyone out there who has not been awarded something, or tagged a million times!!!??? 
Anyone want an award, It's a lovely little thing and a credit to whoever designed it, (you don't want it back by any chance do you)  Oh s*** June from cens loft has one as well, in fact everyone I know has one! 
 Anyway, I am passing on this COOL award to five beautiful people and these are the rules :
                                  1. Winner can put award on their blog.
                                  2. Link to the person who gave you the award.
                                  3. Nominate 5 more blogs you think deserve the award.
                                  4. Put links to those blogs on your site
                                  5. leave a message on the blogs you nominate.

Number One on my list is Fran, because she really deserves an award for her sweet temper!! and her ability to cope with pirates!  As you all know I adore Fran's work, she has the most wonderful imagination and her freebie kits inspired by nature are - Frantastic !
Next up is June from Cens Loft who is tripping over awards, but I know she will graciously accept this one too! June is just the nicest, most helpful woman in digiland. Hugs June.
Next is the lovely Linda  who makes the most gorgeous brag book pages and let's off steam to me in mutual ranting emails Lol. 
Give it up for lizandherbabes who has three adorable kids aaaaaand a hunk of a hubby, she is an inspiration to me with an amazing ability to cram so much into her young life.
KRISG-JUST ME is getting this award too, well I love her taste in music and cats! she also does beautiful lo's and sends me really funny emails. You make me smile Kris!
My final  award goes to.....dnadryad, who gives great freebies and never gets grumpy - just like me!
WOW that wasn't so bad, but I will now go into hiding before the posse catches up with me.

10 Jul 2008

Woodshop Tags "CHERISH & HOPE"

These are the first two tags from my new set. They are layered wood with brushed metal word embellishments. I used words which I know are meaningful to many of us so these will be lovely on LO's and cards etc. I'll be adding more freebies from my  "Woodshop" collection soon, just keep checking back if you want to get the lot. Hope you enjoy using them and as always I would love to see what you do with them. Oh, and don't forget to leave a tyfs when you download, Sorry link expired

2 Jul 2008

My "CLASSIC WEDDING Alpha" Lowercase

To every one who left comments and thanks for my Classic Alpha and for everyone who emailed me asking for the lower case, here it is. I love the soft glitter and the cream shades which are so popular for weddings. I'm already started on my son's wedding album and I've also used it on First Communion and Baptism LO's for friends. Enjoy using the full alpha,  There is shadow on the uppercase letters, however there is none on the lower case letters as I think it is better to lay out the word, group or merge and then add shadow. Download:
SORRY link expired

30 Jun 2008

For everyone who downloaded my "Construction Alpha" and especially those who emailed me and left lovely comments, here is a little add-on which I think you will like. I have used the elements from the alpha and made them more detailed and sized so you can make them bigger without losing quality.  I have also taken the age of 'equality' on board (excuse the pun) and you might see a lady pilot in the helicopter LOL. SORRY, no longer available

27 Jun 2008

Here is some word-art for you. I took the picture while on a break to my favourite place in Ireland - Kinsale in Co. Cork. This is part of a 'walk' at the hotel we always stay in (Carlton Hotel Kinsale). I always catch my breath when I see the sun coming through the trees - hence the words. I am giving the 'Life Wordart' as a freebie and the LO is in the folder also. I think it would make a really beautiful and relaxing desktop or screen saver. Sorry no longer available

26 Jun 2008

Sticking with alphas, here is my new FREEBIE. I called it "Classic Wedding" alpha. Made in soft white, it has toned cream outlines and a soft glitter. I used a little rose and leaves to embellish. Enjoy and don't forget the tyvm.
NOTE- I added the & sign as it is so handy when using initials on invitations etc. Download: Sorry no longer available 

20 Jun 2008

Here is the boy's alpha made to match Fran's Coloriages kit which I promised. I decided to add texture to 'rough' it up a little and the train, helicopter and truck along with the other embellishments were designed to add to the theme. I named this one "CONSTRUCTION" for obvious reasons, though as a mother of three 'boys' it was a toss up with de-construction! LOL, - Boys will be boys! Hope you like this one. Fran has her elements ready too and she has a really bad cold so drop by and leave her a hug. Enjoy your alpha and don't forget the tyfs!! Download: Sorry no longer available

19 Jun 2008

This is an add-on to my 'CLARA" kit. I called it "ALWAYS" The wonderful Fran did a LO with her sweet little grand daughter using the Clara kit and I am basing this QP on that. I just love the delicate look of these papers and elements and I think they would also be great in wedding LO's.
Also, if you liked my 'Summer Flowers' Alpha below then you will love the boys version I promised. I will have it up by the weekend. Enjoy your 'Always' QP download and don't forget that tyvm LOL.  Download: Sorry no longer available   

17 Jun 2008

This is the preview of my new freebie. 
"SUMMER FLOWERS ALPHA' (the girly version). I used Fran's wonderful Coloriages paper and then added outlines, bevels, shadows, blurs, flower elements and finally 'BLING'. WOW so much work and 26 times over. Am I mad you ask ? Well, just a little but I'm already working on the boys version. I love boys - as you know LOL. Hope you enjoy this and don't forget to leave a comment when you download. Thanks to all the regulars who keep me going. To scrap art studio who said they had no 'e; in the download,  it is there, I re-loaded the code to make sure try downloading again. SORRY, Link expired

16 Jun 2008

Here is my new freebie kit, "CLARA"

It is inspired by the most gorgeous little girl who is my friend's grand daughter. The colours are soft and very pretty, like silk, some with stripes and all have borders and lace detail. I also put some very detailed work into the frames, ribbons, tag and brads which I hope you will enjoy using. Please don't forget to leave a tyvm when you download, the new 4shared system is very odd, but you can leave a comment before you hit the download button, I know a lot of designers who say they are not getting as many thank you's as before so try to take a little time, it makes the effort of making and giving FREEBIES worthwhile. Have a lovely week, I'm still waiting on the Spring never mind the Summer, but I hope the sun shines wherever you are. Over and out!! Download below. SORRY, Link expired

Kim has sent me the preview to the charity kit "Small Miracles" it is HUGE, released today and the contents include : from 22 files, 106 papers, 185 elements, 1 alpha, 1 12x12 QP, 2 word art, and 6 4x6 QP's. It is for a very good cause and you can get it here. http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/

11 Jun 2008

"Small Miracles"

This is part of my contribution to the "Small Miracles" collab kit,

I also made the Qp below.  The MEGA kit will be released on JUNE 16th from  http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/ All of the information about the kit will be there. I am very happy to help Kim of Kim's Scrappin who's poor daughter lost everything when her house burned down recently. As she and her husband have five children this has been a terrible time for them. Hopefully this "Small Miracles" project will help in some little way. Kim chose the six colours which I (tried) to stick to and I'm happy at the way the kit came together. Do support 'Small Miracles' if you can.
The Sun WILL come out,

A QP that is part of my contribution to "Small Miracles" a mega kit which will be released on 16th June from  http://smllmiracles.blogspot.com/ You can get all the details there.

7 Jun 2008


In honour of all the wonderful fathers out there, I made this QP for 'Father's Day'. The colours are denim based so should be suitable for just about any dad, young - or like me! lol. I'm chuffed with my 'Cool' ball, I thought of adding another but for the sake of modesty (WHAT!!) I thought one would do it. If you look at the text border it is made up of 'Father' in as many different languages as I could fit, hopefully I covered most. I'd love to see what you do with this as there is plenty of scope for pictures, especially  those that are not great overall, but show dad's hands or his favourite slippers, little things mean a lot! as the old song goes.  Enjoy.
SORRY, Link expired 

5 Jun 2008

new Freebie "OLD WOOD" QP

My latest Freebie "Old Wood QP"

Hi, late again, but I hope this new quick page makes up for it. This is my first serious doodle! YES! but it took me nearly a whole day getting it right so I hope all my effort was worthwhile.
As to my delay in posting - blame the sun and the visitors, and the fact I live beside the beach! Besides the beautiful view of the sand and sea we get to see the most mind boggling sights when the sun comes out. I thought I was seeing things on Sunday when what looked like two big red lobsters waddled into the water, not so, just two idiots burned to a crisp!
Obviously someone told them the salt water would cool them down. (probably nearly froze them to death) LOL (sorry) but I have no patience for twits. Do they never see or read the ads for protective sun creams!  Anyway, that's my gripe for the week, sunbathe safely!
I hope you all had a lovely sunny week and hopefully the summer will stay for a while. Take care and if you like the freebie, your comments will be welcome.
Download here: SORRY, Link expired  

26 May 2008


It seems like ages since I posted but I hope you will like this QP. I had no broadband connection due to cable faults? and no emails in or out but I was amazed that after a few days of checking the mailbox, I just fell back into my real life and caught up on so much stuff I had neglected like writing and music. I also designed papers and kits of which 'Mother's Dress' is a part. The dress paper reminds me of how my Grandfather who was a fantastic dancer, used to waltz my mother around the room, her dress swirling just like the paper shows. You might have an aunt or someone who took the mother's role in your life, I would love to see what you do with this QP, but enjoy it and as always, cherish 'Mother'.
SORRY, Link expired

9 May 2008

Sisters and Timeless

This layout of my granny Magdalen and her sister Mary is done with my new "Timeless" kit. I am so pleased at how the kit turned out as I wanted to get this soft but not overpowering look for the old pictures. I resized the 'Journal card ' to frame the pictures and I haven't cleaned up the pics either as I think some of the charm is lost when the 'age' is removed.
                  The history here is that the picture was taken shortly before their mother died of consumption, and as their father was also deceased, the girls along with their brother Hugh were brought up by their maternal grandmother Cassie. Mary emigrated to Canada as a young bride, while Hugh and Magdalen remained in Derry. They all married happily and have left a legacy of love and family commitment.

8 May 2008

"TIMELESS" kit Freebie

In this new kit "TIMELESS" I used colours which remind me of my Mother. I hope I captured the feel of the 1940's and that you enjoy using it.
Download: SORRY, link expired

24 Apr 2008

My new Freebie "CONNECT" Kit


This cute kit includes three co-ordinated papers and two very sweet, unusual frames. I know your computer babes will love it. Font 'Mail Ray Stuff' by Ray Larabie. (the dog and cat are for display only, did you ever see anything like the teeth on the cat! LOL, I burst out laughing every time I see it ) ENJOY! 
DOWNLOAD: SORRY, Link expired 

12 Apr 2008

"I Love Boys" ADD ON Freebie

This is my "I LOVE BOYS" add on. It includes a lemon harlequin alpha, One grunge "strike 1" paper, and two word-art embellishments. All to match the kit I gave last week, this is for the little leaguers (boys and girls) who love playing ball. Enjoy 
Download: SORRY, Link expired

10 Apr 2008


Here are two new alphas to co-ordinate with Fran's kit "Little Miss Moon" the first is plain with bevelled edges. The second has bevelled edges and dropped shadow and is embellished with tiny moons and stars (which took me ages to link together!) I love the look though and the whimsey way they dangle from some of the letters. -  The mad cat is getting to me lol. Upper case only on both but if I get enough shouts I will do a lowercase for you. Two downloads.
Get "MOON" here.

5 Apr 2008


Well I promised so here it is, my new freebie kit "I Love Boys". As mother of three I do know my boys! lol.    The kit includes three toning papers, 2 tags (one with word art) one 'I love Boys' ribbon, one heart border, one lemon harlequin note card and a beautiful frame! - even if I do say so myself! I hope you will like it and if you do please leave me a thank you (so I know you care) Oh! and if you have time, go right to the bottom of my page to see what Kat sent me.                     Download: SORRY, LINK EXPIRED


A quick layout with some of the papers, ribbons and the (RIGHT) frame from "Sweet Dreams".
The gorgeous photo is hand tinted by Nora Hernandez. Does it bring back memories of spooning 'medicine' into your poor little doll's mouth! Rosebud was the name of my first doll, this one looks just like her. Hope you got the replacement frame with the new link below.

3 Apr 2008


OOPS! APOLOGIES!!! I included the draft frame in the kit, I will upload the frame link asap  

Sticking with the babes (is it my age or something?) to bring you this "Sweet Dreams" kit. It has three papers, One adorned with delicate metallic butterflies. 2 flat ribbons, 1 tied bow, 1 tag and a 'porcelain' like frame. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to see your layouts. I will be making a similar kit for the boys too and something for those of you who prefer 'neutral' colours for babies. Download SORRY, LINK EXPIRED

1 Apr 2008

LITTLE BIRDIES, Lullaby and Lilly Ava

I think this shows that one lovely paper, several elements, some journaling  plus a beautiful little girl can make a gorgeous Lo. The little angel is lilly Ava, grand-daughter of June, who kindly allowed me to 'borrow' her for this. The paper and elements are from my "Little Birdie" freebies below and the sweet lullaby "Sleep Little Birdie" is author unknown.

30 Mar 2008

"Little Birdie" Freebie Kit TAGS and RIBBONs

TAGS and RIBBONS to match the papers below, Enjoy SORRY, LINK EXPIRED


A new kit for this week. I made these papers and the elements above for a friend's album using my "Little Birdie overlay" to link the pages. The soft plain colours are ideal for babies and toddlers. Sometimes it's nice to work with relatively simple backgrounds which enhance a picture, rather than overpowering it...or.. 'less is more!

25 Mar 2008


A new LO for Spring
This is an extracted section of my "weeping willow" tree which I made a few weeks ago. I was so busy with Paddy's day and then Easter that I almost forgot about it. I wanted to get a picture before the wind and rain did their worst. When I see the first catkins on the willow I know spring is around the corner - usually. For this layout I used Fran's lovely paper and frame, the Alpha is my "Cafe Adore" as is the sticker ribbon and the "willow" overlay.

22 Mar 2008

Freebie "Little Birdie Overlays"

Here are my "Little Birdie" Overlays to match Fran's "Picoti" kit. You have a choice of two. A single side or a double side. They look gorgeous on a plain background especially on a good strong contrasting colour. I love these "Little Birdies" hope you do too, when you download leave me a comment it makes the time spent worthwhile download here SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

Freebie "Little Birdie Alpha"

I made this "Little Birdie" alpha to go with Fran's new "Picoti" kit. As always she has done a beautiful job in her unique style. This is an unusual little alpha. Upper case only, and each letter is embellished with a little blue bird. I hope you enjoy using it download here SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

20 Mar 2008

NEW FREEBIE! "Green Heart Alpha"

A new alpha for you, it is very versatile as the colour goes with every season. You can see it on a lo I did for linda using one of her lovely Easter brag book pages. Don't forget to let me see what you do with this. Here is the link SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

17 Mar 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day from Dublin

Just had to let you see this LO of Buster who is fascinated by all things especially if it falls into the food or drink category. He would dip his paw in the glass (and lick it ) lol, if we didn't keep an eye on him. The pink curly cord you can see is the 'legs' of his mouse friend 'simon' just before it was flicked in the air, causing a rumpus as we all grabbed the drinks. Spilling a drink on Paddy's Day, Sacrilege!!!!
The sun is splitting the sky here in Dublin today and the parade was fantastic. There were fabulous high school marching bands from all over USA as well as practically everywhere else in the world. For such a small country we sure have made our mark and with the help of St. Patrick, Irish eyes will be smiling for a long time. I hope the sun was shining for you too.

16 Mar 2008

St Patrick's day Birthday

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last few freebies, I appreciate every one. If you read this, 'crosstown' wish your mum who will be 90 on St. Patrick's Day, a very happy birthday. Sue in Australia, I will toast you and yours with a 'Baileys' the hubby will take care of the Guinness! CHEERS!  
Can I just say to some designers who have 'Irish' Freebies on offer. 
The national emblem of Ireland is a SHAMROCK a little plant with THREE leaves! 1,2,3!
NOT a FOUR LEAVED CLOVER which is a WEED. Thanks!

14 Mar 2008

Granny's China. FREEBIE Cluster frame

This layout features antique Irish Belleek fine parian china, made in Co. Fermanagh at the Belleek pottery which was established in 1857. The pottery is still producing it's beautiful china and has a wonderful visitors centre which is well worth including in your tour if you are planning a trip to Ireland.
The cluster frame which you see here is embellished with 'glass shamrocks' which match my 'Glass Shamrock alpha' freebie, so the two can be used together. 
I am giving the cluster frame along with the shamrock/hearts cascade as a freebie. (Pictures and my background paper are not included) and I am hoping to see layouts from some of the many 'ex Pats' and people who have Irish connections, in practically every country in the world. Even in China, St. Patrick's day will be celebrated with a parade. Download below. SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

9 Mar 2008


The Irish National holiday "St. Patrick's Day" is almost here, there and everywhere! In celebration I have tried to make some 'usable' freebies for you. The first one is this "GlassShamrock Alpha". I love how it turned out. I used a piece of old worn wool fabric for the green background. Also, I left an Irish sentiment for you all in the download section. Enjoy!

7 Mar 2008

FREEBIE! 2 Punched Flower Frames

A new little freebie for you. These will go with the 'Boys Will Be Boys' kit. Two cut out frames, one with word art, "Live, Laugh, Grow" the other has a nice colour edge. Hope you like these, I think it's handy to have unusual shaped frames for those pics that are cropped to head and shoulders. (The ones you took when your little darling suddenly jumped or ducked, that have body parts missing!) lol. The link is below. SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

6 Mar 2008

What are Little Boys Made Of

I did this Lo for a challenge at cens loft. June has some great freebie cardboard pieces which I used here, one to frame the page, and the arrow to point at my two little devils - (it's ok, they grew out of it!) The background paper, tag (modified) and journaling element are all from my 'BOYS WILL BE BOYS' kit below. If you do the challenge you'll get a nice little freebie, so hop skip and jump over there now. Oh and thanks to everyone who left comments. especially GRUMPY?

5 Mar 2008


This is my latest FREEBIE KIT!. It's called  "Boys Will Be Boys" I thought it would be wrong to leave the boys out, as I love them so much. (that's for my sons!)
This is also a little grungy, but the elements are cute and modern so I think the contrast will be good. Hope you enjoy this, I have already started using it with my boy's pics. Download SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

4 Mar 2008

People are OK but I Prefer butterflies!

This is my Lo, using my kit "Beautiful Dreamer" featuring my sweet baby cats, Rex and Tiger. Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments, I hope you enjoy using the kit. 
Also, Fran did another great LO with the 'Beautiful Dreamer' kit. This time she used the papers and elements in her own Frantastic style (see it in the guest slide below). 

3 Mar 2008

Fran sent me a beautiful Lo 'Spring in the Air'. The word is ...Beautiful. And she used the ribbon from 'beautiful Dreamer'! (well, it matches perfectly and for Fran to use anything of mine is an honour!) Also, lovely Sue in Australia has sent me two LO's with wonderful pics from her holiday in Ireland. She used a combination of Fran's paper with my frames and Shamrocks, and she cleverly matched the text on her journaling to the text I used on the shamrock spray. Great work Sue! You are a great advertisement for Ireland and Guinness. And finally, Linda sent me a LO of her grand-daughter Ebony, using my Beautiful Dreamer kit. Adorable! She used some of the words from the song as the title, really lovely. See them all in the guest slide at the end of the page.
Oh! and thanks to Maria who has listed me on the 'digifree' search engine.

2 Mar 2008

My First Kit Freebie, Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer

Well I got through Mother's Day! My thanks to everyone who left comments and emailed me regarding my 'Mother' Lo. I was deeply touched by the sincerity of all of you. While I worked on the LO I made some elements and papers which I have decided to give as a freebie, my FIRST KIT! And, as a tribute to my Granny, who was a 'Beautiful Dreamer' that is what I have named it.
It is a feminine but grungy look and I hope you enjoy using it. here is the link SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

29 Feb 2008


Sunday is Mother's day, unfortunately like every other 'special' day it is being commercialised to a degree that insults the original idea. I believe most mothers would be happy to have a visit from their children, or a card, if distance makes visiting impossible. Instead, for weeks on end we are bombarded with TV ad's, radio and newspaper ad's. Competitions to win a holiday for your mother, spa treatment, weekend in a hotel, makeover (who wants their mother made over?) Worst of all are the shop windows, displaying every bit of 'tack' that they think gullible children will buy. However, they forget it's not all about money. 
When I was 9 years old I went to the corner shop on our street with twelve pennies that I had saved. I studied everything on the shelves asking prices and adding up in my head, before I decided what to buy my mother for Mother's day. A box of Rowentrees Fruit Gums! She loved them! I had two pennies left, I asked the shopkeeper what I could get for that, adding that it was for my mother. She suggested a pack of hair clips. I agreed and the sale was made. She wrapped up my gift and put a little string bow on it. (when I got home I tied one of my hair ribbons on as well). Mothers day arrived and I couldn't wait to give my present. I hid it behind my back and crept down the stairs. My older sister was there before me, my mother was opening her present. A big box of Cadbury's Black Magic chocolates! I felt my face going red and tried to back up the stairs but I had been spotted. My sister, mother, granny and granda were waiting for me so I handed over my little box. Looking at the floor I could hear the ribbon and the string bow being opened, then the brown paper rustling as the gift was revealed. I heard my sister giggle, but when I looked up, my mother was smiling at me, she said they were the best presents she ever got. My granda had something in his eye and my granny said the clips were just what was needed and she hoped she could borrow a few. Happiness enveloped me! it was
A Mother's day I will never forget.
I am really happy with this LO. The picture is of my beautiful mother Maureen and me. I use it often. The look on her face will always 
take my breath away.

24 Feb 2008

Freebie, Mother's Day Tags

These are two tags I made for my contribution to Mother's Day. I hope you get use from them and for anyone who is lucky enough to still have their Mother with them, one word, CHERISH.