3 Mar 2008

Fran sent me a beautiful Lo 'Spring in the Air'. The word is ...Beautiful. And she used the ribbon from 'beautiful Dreamer'! (well, it matches perfectly and for Fran to use anything of mine is an honour!) Also, lovely Sue in Australia has sent me two LO's with wonderful pics from her holiday in Ireland. She used a combination of Fran's paper with my frames and Shamrocks, and she cleverly matched the text on her journaling to the text I used on the shamrock spray. Great work Sue! You are a great advertisement for Ireland and Guinness. And finally, Linda sent me a LO of her grand-daughter Ebony, using my Beautiful Dreamer kit. Adorable! She used some of the words from the song as the title, really lovely. See them all in the guest slide at the end of the page.
Oh! and thanks to Maria who has listed me on the 'digifree' search engine.

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Fran said...

Hi Gabrielle,

Oh Sue made a great advertising for your beautiful country ! Love her pics and her LO's !

And Linda made also a wonderful LO with your first kit. Ebony is an adorable baby !

Thank you for sharing these lovely moments.