5 Dec 2009

Holiday Snips & Snaps QP Free Gift to You

Hope you like this new QP. A little different but that's me LOL. I can't believe it's so near to Christmas & I haven't done a thing yet, not even the Christmas tree and that's BAD. I'll just have to get organised and try to get the seasonal spirit going. I have been working at my design work though and the 'Holiday QP' work sneaked in there. I have a few others too so I might be putting some more up before Christmas. Well that's it for now, I think I'll grab the hubby away from his piano and go looking for a nice big tree, see ya!
Oh, I almost forgot. On the preview you can see "your text here" next to the three bauble frames. I have included the text layers in the download folder as a tiff file, along with an info layer in case you need it. If you need any help just contact me.  SORRY Download EXPIRED