9 Feb 2008

It's AWWWW time! 
Isn't this kitten adorable. He was left in a shed by his wild mother who, once she knew he was safe, went back to the woods where she came from. It never ceases to amaze me how caring and sensible wild creatures are towards their young. Look at the snow on his head, if you know kittens you will know the fun he had on his first 'snow day'. 
For the layout I used paper/frame/flowers from 'French Provincal' by Pam Lefours who does beautifully intricate work. The swirly corner is by Amelie  Scrap. White flowers/doodles by Akaloune. Title,tag/journaling my own.     


TragedyScrapinAnne said...

Hiya Gab, stopped in to shout a hello. Love the blog. Hugs Kat

Naomi Joy said...

What a beautiful baby! I am sure he is going to be a gorgeous cat when he is an adult! I love his coloring.

It is amazing how these momma cats know what's best for the kittens. Mine and another litter mate were also "abandoned" by their mother. These two fought from the time they were born.

For the safety of her other kittens, their mother brought them to a house she trusted and waited until a friend of mine went out on her porch and after making sure they were in the house, she went back under the house to the rest of her babies.

My friend was amazed at how quiet it was under the house, while the inside of the house rang out with meows, growling and screetches!

After I adopted one of the brothers, the mother found where he lived and she visited him every day for over a year!

Even in the wilds, mother knows best!