22 Mar 2009

Congratulations to all the wonderful 'Mighty Men' 

Who won the Six Nations GRAND SLAM 2009 yesterday in Wales. They have lifted the spirits of everyone in this small country throughout the weeks of  the tournament. I thought I was going to have a heart attack yesterday when it came down to the last two minutes and Wales were awarded a penalty. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium as the thousands of supporters held their breath and then the huge roar as the Welsh ball dropped short !  
The celebrations are ongoing as I write this with a huge homecoming party in Dublin this evening and further events around the country as every fan of this fantastic bunch of young men are bursting to show their appreciation. Paul O'Connell was outstanding along with Brian O'Driscoll, Ronan O'Gara, Peter Stringer and Tommy Bowe. They happen to be my favourites but every man on the team contributed to the win which we have waited 61 years for! last word has to be for the manager Declan Kidney who has done us all proud, long may it continue.


Fran said...

Oh yes! I agree with you Gabrielle! What a fantastic team with very good players! Congratulations to them! Great idea to make a layout for them ! Beautiful work Gabrielle! I love it!

Bridie said...

Well done the great young men of Ireland, lovely LO

SuzyQ said...

Nice to meet another supporter of the Irish team! Even though I am Dutch, I support the Irish and Tommy Bowe is one of my favorites too :D You made a great page for the team!

Was looking for a way to follow your blog but can't find it :(